Why It Works

Why Our Program Works

Unlike other programs that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, our program is truly customized to your specific body type and lifestyle needs. Additionally, our program embeds a healthcare provider into each aspect of your journey. This makes our program unique in our region and will help you succeed in your goal to lose weight and achieve great health.

Unique Program Aspects

  • Individualized treatment plan.
  • Medically-managed program.
  • Expertise from lifestyle, physical and nutritional specialists.

Components of an Individualized Treatment Plan

  • Medical and/or surgical therapies monitored by physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
  • Lifestyle therapies and techniques led by licensed clinical social workers, health psychologists and life coaches.
  • Nutritional counseling and monitoring by registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators.
  • Physical assessments with our physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and exercise physiologists.

Your progress will continue to be evaluated by our team for effectiveness of treatment, patient satisfaction, health and quality-of-life improvement. We'll monitor progress and, if needed, update or modify your personalized program to meet your needs. And, we will keep your primary care provider informed of your status along the way.