Patient Classes

Class Offerings for Patients

We offer several classes to patients of Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. Learn more about our current group topics and dates and call 217-788-3948 to schedule any of these groups or to inquire about becoming a patient.

Diabetes Self-Management Series

This series is offered by Memorial Diabetes Services, an Accredited Diabetes Education Program, for those who have Type 1, Type 2, Gestational or Pre-diabetes. Come learn self-care skills to take control of your diabetes, such as healthy eating, self monitoring, problems solving, healthy coping, being active, taking medication and reducing risks.

Series: Four 2-hour sessions over four weeks | Class Instructors: Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator & Registered Nurse/Certified Diabetes Educator

Smoking Cessation Series

Make the commitment to quit smoking and get the support to help you through the process. This series includes support from licensed clinical social workers, support groups and medical input on possible pharmacotherapy to help you quit.

Series: 10 week program | Instructors: Physician, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Health Coach


Mindful Eating Series

Mindfulness involves a calm awareness of your own body, emotions and thoughts. It is a learned skill, and it is an important part of learning to change a habit. The Memorial Health Psychology Mindful Eating series teaches mindfulness as a foundation for changing eating habits. This kind of habit change leads to long-term weight loss.

Series: Four 90-minutes sessions over six-weeks | Class Instructor: Health Psychologist