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Weight Loss & Wellness and Bariatric Support Groups

The purpose of weight loss and wellness support groups is to share knowledge and support as we work to regain and maintain good health. Please join us, and let's help each other while we help ourselves.

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About Weight Loss & Wellness and Bariatric Support Groups

  • Persons who have had bariatric surgery and their family members are welcome.
  • The weight loss & wellness support group is also available to anyone who is considering medical weight loss or bariatric surgery.
  • The meetings are held monthly at five locations.
  • For more details, please call Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center. If you are in central Illinois, call us at 217-788-3948. You can reach us toll free at 866-205-7915.
  • Email us:

Meeting Locations

Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation
228 W. Miller St.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
200 Stahlhut Drive

Passavant Area Hospital
1600 W. Walnut St.

Decatur Memorial Hospital
2122 N. 27th St.