Stories of Success


Greg Mayes

Down 60 Pounds and Medication Free

At 31, Greg was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Three years later, he was still having trouble regulating his blood sugar, and he was beginning to notice increasing health complications due to his diabetes. He knew something had to give.

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Margarita Martin

A Patient's New Life

Margarita Martin was tired of excess weight wreaking havoc on her health and underwent a gastric bypass procedure through Memorial's Bariatric Services Program. Now she participates in 5K fun runs, biathlons and even completed a half marathon.

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Linda Marr

The Thrill of Improved Health

No matter which diet plan Linda Marr tried, the weight always came back. Linda followed the program the Memorial Bariatric Services team outlined for her, which involved undergoing bariatric surgery in August 2012 and changing her mindset about eating and exercise. Now her self-esteem is back, she's not ashamed of how she looks and she's enjoying exercising with her daughter.

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Ginny Fahs

An Advocate for the Multidisciplinary Approach

The toughest challenge for Ginny Fahs on her weight loss journey was beating cancer. In 2005, she had begun working with her insurance company to start the approval process for bariatric surgery. Ginny worked with her primary care physician to meet the requirements to have the surgery in 2009. Today she is happier, more outgoing and enjoying life.

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Marc Brown

A Journey to Good Health

Marc Brown struggled with his weight for much of his life. After undergoing the laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding procedure in 2008, Marc regained his health and reached a healthy weight.

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